Business Platform

South Graphite Co., Ltd., incorporated in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province on March 25, 2011 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, is mainly engaged in development of graphite and associated resources, deep processing of graphite, and R&D and trading of new materials

As a resources development business platform of CNBM Group and a flagship Company in the new materials field, South Graphite Co., Ltd. has invested nearly 4 billion yuan in the technical transformation of mining areas. It plans to invest 5 billion yuan in the next five years for the construction of crude ores production base, graphite deep processing project, new material engineering technology research and development center and graphene industrial park, forms an industrial research base for the localization of scientific and technological achievements, and strives to build the Company into a graphite industry cluster that integrates raw ore production, graphite deep processing, new material product research and development, and technology transformation, trading and logistics.

Crude Ores Construction Base: Luhe Taiqing Mining Area

The crude ores production base of South Graphite is Luhe Taiqing mining area, which is located in Lutang Town, Beihu District, Chenzhou City, and Heye Town, Taihe Town of Guiyang County, and Chenzhou City. Luhe Taiqing mining area has high mineral content and few impurities, and the averagely contains about 80% and up to 92% of fixed carbon, and is known for good quality across the world. According to estimates, the total reserves of coal resources in the existing tenements are 25.151 million tons, and the reserves of graphite resources are 12.469 million tons. The expansion zone, according to detailed investigations, has 8.87 million tons of coal resources and 5.12 million tons of graphite resources. The mining area profoundly predicts coal resources of 16.33 million tons and graphite resources of 9.53 million tons. Since the establishment of the Company, it has acquired a total of 20 mineral rights. After deep integration and adjustment, they was integrated to nine mineral rights. The designed annual production capacity is 720,000 tons, among which, two coal mines have a capacity of 300,000 tons/year and seven graphite mines have a capacity of 420,000 tons/year.

South Graphite Co., Ltd. focuses on the performance of social responsibility, invests heavily in the implementation of roadway transformation, extensively adopts advanced mining technologies and equipment, attaches great importance to employee education and training, and makes every effort to build safe, green and harmonious mines.

National Graphite Industrial Park in South Hunan

Southern Graphite plans to invest 3 billion yuan in the next three years to build a national graphite industrial park in Chenzhou. The south Graphite industrial park covers a planned area of 3,000 mu (494 acres), integrating graphite deep processing, product research and development, logistics and trade.

Located in the South Graphite Industrial Park, South Graphite Research Institute has established strategic partnerships with key universities and research institutes at home and abroad, introduced cutting-edge technologies and talents in the field of graphite research, and developed high-grade, precision and advanced graphite deep processing products with independent intellectual property rights, and extended the graphite industry chain.

The South Graphite Industrial Park will be built into the flagship base of China's graphite industry and leading the healthy and sustainable development of the graphite industry.