Human Resources

Consolidating operations in South Pacific and going to Africa, BNBM HOME chain of building materials and home supplies has been operated for 25 years. With noticeable economic and social benefits, it has become a model for overseas operations by central enterprises. In 2017, the creation of the overseas chain operation model by the Company won the first prize of the 24th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements Award.

Started in 2006, the “Elite” talent project adheres to the principle of “equal stress on integrity and ability and taking morality first”, outstanding graduates with a bachelor degree or above from key domestic universities are selected to join overseas companies and a targeted career development channel is designed for them. After 3-5 years of training, they will gradually grow into a complex management talent with rich professional knowledge and management skills.

Since the implementation of the “Elite” talent project, under the guidance of the talent selection strategy of the Company that includes talent selection, utilization, cultivation and maintenance, the Company have cultivated more than one hundred elite talents, developing a first-class talent management team for overseas businesses of CNBMI. 80% of the talents serve CNBMI and 70% still serve CNBMI overseas companies. The “Elite” talent project has played a huge role in the steady development of overseas business and cultivated a large number of talents for CNBM Group. The talents hold core management positions in BNBM Group, China Jushi, Southwest Cement and CNBM Headquarters, achieving a win-win development for the Company and its employees.