Business Platform

CNBMI Vanuatu Co., Ltd.

CNBMI Vanuatu Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Vanuatu on April 23, 2015. On November 13, 2015, it successfully acquired 100% of the shares of Vanuatu Wilco Co., Ltd., the largest building materials supermarket chain in Vanuatu. Since its acquisition, Wilco has always “insisted on localized management and practiced cultural integration”. Since its acquisition, its operating performance has grown steadily. It has recovered its investment within two and a half years and has been rated as an advanced unit by CNBMI for two consecutive years. Actively fulfilling the corporate social responsibility, integrating into the local community, and establishing a positive image, the Company gains recognition and support from the local people and customers, and enjoys a high reputation in the local area.

CNBMI Vanuatu Co., Ltd. provides a one-stop shopping platform and the best service for local people in Vanuatu, and sales of building materials products account for about 60% of the local market share. The Company has a store in the capital Port Vila and the largest outer island of Santa Island, mainly engaged in the retail and wholesale of building materials and household supplies, selling about 14,000 conventional building materials products and about 3,000 conventional home supplies products.

In order to further consolidate Wilco Company's local market share, maintain its leading position in the industry and a good business performance, the Company plans to expand its business scale in the port of Port Vila, and build a new home supplies center. It is expected that the home supplies center will be officially opened in early 2019. In 5-10 years, if conditions allow, the scale of operation will be expanded to the island of Malakula and the Island of Tana.