Business Platform

BNBM PNG LTD was incorporated in the South Pacific Island State of Papua New Guinea on June 12, 1992. Based on the strong building materials manufacturing background of CNBM, the Company implements the transformation from “manufacturing industry to the manufacturing service industry”, establishes a chain operation model combining scientific standard stores and promotion system, creates building materials and home supplies stores integrating wholesale, retail, new product release and promotion, warehousing, logistics and distribution, and is committed to becoming a comprehensive service provider of building materials and home supplies in developing countries.

After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, BNBM HOME’s building materials and home supplies business model is becoming increasingly mature. Until now, 12 BNBM HOME building materials and home supplies chain supermarkets have been set up in six major cities in Papua New Guinea. With a market share of 70% in major cities in Papua New Guinea. serving 54% of total population of Papua New Guinea, the stores have about 8,000 types of building materials and tens of thousands of home supplies and home appliances, fully satisfying the customers' "one-stop" shopping needs.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Papua New Guinea, in recognition of the Company's efforts to promote local economic development and China-Papua New Guinea friendly relations over the years, the Papua New Guinea government awarded the 30th anniversary medal of independence to Cao Jianglin, General Manager of CNBM Group. When the Company's home supplies store opened in 2007, Somare, the then Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea showed up personally and cut the ribbon at the scene. He congratulated BNBM HOME on expanding its business and opening a new store in Papua New Guinea. He also hoped that BNBM HOME would bring more high-quality and beautiful products to local people. Prime Minister Somare made a special trip to CNBMI when he visited China, fully affirming the Company's great contributions to the local social and economic development of Papua New Guinea.

In 2017, BNBM PNG LTD won the title of “Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise” and the honorary title of “Six-Star Enterprise”. In the future, BNBM PNG LTD will further expand its business coverage and consolidate its leading position in the industry.